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Interface yii\web\Linkable

Implemented byyii\data\Pagination
Available since version2.0
Source Code https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/blob/master/framework/web/Linkable.php

Linkable is the interface that should be implemented by classes that typically represent locatable resources.

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Method Description Defined By
getLinks() Returns a list of links. yii\web\Linkable

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getLinks() public abstract method

Returns a list of links.

Each link is either a URI or a yii\web\Link object. The return value of this method should be an array whose keys are the relation names and values the corresponding links.

If a relation name corresponds to multiple links, use an array to represent them.

For example,

    'self' => 'https://example.com/users/1',
    'friends' => [
    'manager' => $managerLink, // $managerLink is a Link object
public abstract array getLinks ( )
return array

The links