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Report bugs

Found a bug? We probably don't know about it yet so you can help us reporting it in one of the Yii issue trackers.

Please use the contact form to report any security issues. Do not use the issue tracker or discuss it in the public forum.

To help us solve issues more efficiently please:

  • Check if the issue is not already reported.
  • Don't use issue tracker to ask questions. There is a forum and a chat.

Help us to fix bugs

The most time consuming part of fixing a bug is reproducing it. If you have some free time and want to dive into Yii internals fixing a bug, the first step is to create a simple test case that contains the minimal code to show the problem. Even better if you can convert it to a unit test. If you don't know how to fix the bug, it's OK. By reproducing it you're doing a very good job already.

If you've tried hard but still couldn't come up with the minimal code to reproduce the bug, it's fine too. Please describe it with details that may be helpful for us to reproduce the bug: the Yii version, the PHP version, the Web server type, the Web browser type, the application configuration, the error call stack, the SQL statement being executed, and so on.

Note that if you've found a security issue, it's better to contact core team privately. We'll review the issue and will respond via email.
Before you attempt to fix some non-trivial things, please discuss with Yii core developers first to avoid going in the wrong direction.

Review code

People do make mistakes. We do as well. If you're living on a cutting edge and interested in all new features and bug fixes that will be included in the next release, you probably will like reviewing changes we're making. Don't hesitate to comment either when everything is fine or when it looks like core developers have gone mad. Be bold.

Request features

Have a brilliant idea on how to improve Yii? Let us know. You can request features in Yii issue tracker.

When requesting a feature please:

  • Describe the problem, the feature solves, clearly. Explain why you need this and what it is exactly.
  • Suggest on how it should be implemented if you have an idea.
  • Provide links to existing implementations if any.

Write tests

To make Yii even more stable, you can contribute tests. Existing unit tests aren't coming with Yii release packages but are available from GitHub.

To learn about the testing framework used in Yii, please refer to the Definitive Guide.

Not sure how it should work? Don't hesitate to contact the core team.


Found a typo, wrong or unclear wording? Know how to explain things better? Have a good code example or some missing documentation? You can submit all these in Yii issue tracker.

Also each page in the Definitive Guide has an edit link on the bottom, that lets you update the file and submit your changes directly via Github.


Yii documentation and messages have been translated into many languages. You may help us to keep these translations up-to-date, or translate those that have not been translated yet. Please submit a GitHub pull request after your translation is ready.

Instructions on how to do the translation work are given in the Translation workflow at GitHub. Also if you need help, we are happy to help you get started, just ask.


Last but not least, there is an option to fund Yii development.