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To ensure the issue gets reported to the right place, you need to find out whether it is an issue in the Yii framework itself, or in one of the official extensions.

If you want to report a security issue, please consider contacting us privately so we can fix it before the details of the issue are publicly disclosed. Go to the contact page!

Yii 2.0

General issues, that affect the Yii core framework, should be reported on Github in the yiisoft/yii2 repository.

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Yii 2.0 Extensions

If the error or feature request is for one of the official extensions, please select below:

For other extensions that are created by other users please check the extension page on where to report issues.

If you are unsure whether the issue you want to report belongs to an extension or the framework, just report it on the framework issue tracker.
We will figure out where it belongs and move it later.

Yii 1.1

If you want to report a bug for Yii 1.1, please open an issue in the yiisoft/yii repository.

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Please note that Yii 1.1 is in maintenance mode, we will only accept security fixes and changes for compatibility with PHP 7.
Please consider upgrading to Yii 2 instead.


If you want to report a bug for the website, the code is open source too.

Please open an issue in the yiisoft-contrib/ repository.

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