Yii Framework Community


It's easy to play an active role in the Yii community: add comments and cast votes throughout the site, ask and respond to questions posted in forum topics, write and help to improve on the wiki articles, contribute framework extensions, and more. As you participate you will earn badges which appear on your user page. Here are all available badges and the criteria for earning them:

Website Badges

Supporter x7120

First up vote


Critic x1358

First down vote


Extension Smith x1069

Contributed 1 Extension


Civic Duty x820

Voted 10 or more times


Editor x559

A wiki editor


Commentator x413

Leaves 10 comments


Forum Badges

Basic x16258

Granted all essential community functions

First Quote x8223

Quoted a post

First Onebox x2760

Posted a link that was oneboxed

First Emoji x883

Used an Emoji in a Post

Anniversary x766

Active member for a year, posted at least once

Popular Link x282

Posted an external link with 50 clicks

Editor x279

First post edit

First Like x279

Liked a post

Welcome x271

Received a like

First Mention x72

Mentioned a user in a post

Member x56

Granted invitations, group messaging, more likes

Autobiographer x53

Filled out profile information

Enthusiast x34

Visited 10 days

First Link x19

Added a link to another topic

First Share x18

Shared a post

Certified x16

Completed our new user tutorial

First Reply By Email x13

Replied to a post via email

First Flag x12

Flagged a post

New User of the Month x10

Outstanding contributions in their first month

Nice Topic x10

Received 10 likes on a topic

Regular x10

Granted recategorize, rename, followed links, wiki, more likes

Appreciated x9

Received 1 like on 20 posts

Hot Link x9

Posted an external link with 300 clicks

Thank You x7

Has 20 liked posts and gave 10 likes

Leader x5

Granted global edit, pin, close, archive, split and merge, more likes

Nice Reply x3

Received 10 likes on a reply

Licensed x2

Completed our advanced user tutorial

Reader x2

Read every reply in a topic with more than 100 replies

Aficionado x2

Visited 100 days

Wiki Editor x1

First wiki edit

Gives Back x1

Has 100 liked posts and gave 100 likes

Admired x0

Received 5 likes on 300 posts

Champion x0

Invited 5 members

Crazy in Love x0

Used 50 likes in a day 20 times

Devotee x0

Visited 365 days

Empathetic x0

Has 500 liked posts and gave 1000 likes

Great Share x0

Shared a post with 1000 unique visitors

Campaigner x0

Invited 3 basic users

Good Share x0

Shared a post with 300 unique visitors

Higher Love x0

Used 50 likes in a day 5 times

Respected x0

Received 2 likes on 100 posts

Nice Share x0

Shared a post with 25 unique visitors

Out of Love x0

Used 50 likes in a day

Promoter x0

Invited a user

Famous Link x0

Posted an external link with 1000 clicks

Great Reply x0

Received 50 likes on a reply

Great Topic x0

Received 50 likes on a topic

Good Reply x0

Received 25 likes on a reply

Good Topic x0

Received 25 likes on a topic