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Package system
Inheritance class Yii » YiiBase
Since 1.0
Version $Id$
Source Code framework/yii.php
Yii is a helper class serving common framework functionalities.

It encapsulates YiiBase which provides the actual implementation. By writing your own Yii class, you can customize some functionalities of YiiBase.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
app() YiiBase
autoload() Class autoload loader. YiiBase
beginProfile() Marks the begin of a code block for profiling. YiiBase
createApplication() Creates an application of the specified class. YiiBase
createComponent() Creates an object and initializes it based on the given configuration. YiiBase
createConsoleApplication() Creates a console application instance. YiiBase
createWebApplication() Creates a Web application instance. YiiBase
endProfile() Marks the end of a code block for profiling. YiiBase
getFrameworkPath() Returns the path of the framework YiiBase
getLogger() Returns message logger YiiBase
getPathOfAlias() Translates an alias into a file path. YiiBase
getVersion() Returns the version of Yii framework YiiBase
import() Imports the definition of a class or a directory of class files. YiiBase
log() Logs a message. YiiBase
powered() YiiBase
registerAutoloader() Registers a new class autoloader. YiiBase
setApplication() Stores the application instance in the class static member. YiiBase
setPathOfAlias() Create a path alias. YiiBase
t() Translates a message to the specified language. YiiBase
trace() Writes a trace message. YiiBase