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Package system.base
Inheritance interface IViewRenderer
Subclasses CPradoViewRenderer, CViewRenderer
Since 1.0
Version $Id$
Source Code framework/base/interfaces.php
IViewRenderer interface is implemented by a view renderer class.

A view renderer is viewRenderer application component whose wants to replace the default view rendering logic implemented in CBaseController.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
renderFile() Renders a view file. IViewRenderer

Method Details

renderFile() method
abstract public mixed renderFile(CBaseController $context, string $file, mixed $data, boolean $return)
$context CBaseController the controller or widget who is rendering the view file.
$file string the view file path
$data mixed the data to be passed to the view
$return boolean whether the rendering result should be returned
{return} mixed the rendering result, or null if the rendering result is not needed.
Source Code: framework/base/interfaces.php#245 (show)
public function renderFile($context,$file,$data,$return);

Renders a view file.