yii-generator-collection Extensions for Gii (Yii Code Generator)

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  2. Requirements
  3. Installation
  4. Similar extensions and/or other generators
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The Yii generator collection (abbr. YGC) offer you a set of Gii code generators for mostly used yii classes and/or components which are the startpoints to extend the framework or your Yii-projects.

The collection contain at the moment a ...

  • Application Component Generator
  • Log Route Generator
  • Message Source Generator
  • View Renderer Generator
  • Application Generator
  • Console Command Generator
  • Component Generator
  • Event Generator
  • Filter Generator
  • Portlet Generator
  • Validator Generator
  • Action Generator
  • Exception Generator
  • Behavior Generator
  • Cache Generator

YGC is the replacement for the "yii class generator suite".

Customizing Code Templates

Each YGC-generator have two code templates ("default","custom").
Copy and rename the "custom"-template if you want documentate the generated class/ component and if you want add your personal copyright data.


Yii 1.1.7


To use it, simply extract the content of the archive into your application extensions - directory and configure the templates in the 'generatorPaths' section of the gii Configuration inside your application configuration (main.php):

        'password'=>'<your password>',
            'ext.gtc' // a path alias


It should be no problem to merge YGC with gii-template-collection.

Similar extensions and/or other generators


Change log

Version 1.0

Initial release

Version 1.3.1
  • bugfix for "defaut"
Version 1.3.2
  • works now together with Yii 1.1.8 & 1.1.9
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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Others
Developed by: volkmar
Created on: Apr 17, 2011
Last updated: 11 years ago


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