execut/yii2-crud-fields A behavior for standard fields logic in CRUD based on kartik dynagrid and detailView

eXeCUT Yii2 CRUD fields. CRUD without generators and code duplication

  1. Installation
  2. Usage

This component allows you to automate many processes that occur in working with models, thereby reducing code duplication, and hence the total time spent:

  • Writing validation rules for fields of the same type
  • Writing Getters to Declare Various Relationships with Other Models
  • Validating and Editing Linked Records
  • Setting up the edit form for the model and its associated records
  • Customizing the Model Record List
  • Translating field names
  • Adds the ability to extend models by a third-party module without adding new dependencies
  • Simplifies the process of unit testing models

For license information check the LICENSE-file.

English documentation is at docs/guide/README.md.

Русская документация здесь docs/guide-ru/README.md.

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The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require execut/yii2-crud-fields

or add

"execut/yii2-crud-fields": "dev-master"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


For example, the following few lines of code in a model:

namespace execut\books\models;
class Book extends \yii\db\ActiveRecord {
    use \execut\crudFields\BehaviorStub;
    public function behaviors() {
        return [
            \execut\crudFields\Behavior::KEY => [
                'class' => \execut\crudFields\Behavior::class,
                'fields' => [
                    'id' => [
                        'class' => \execut\crudFields\fields\Id::class,
                    'name' => [
                        'class' => \execut\crudFields\fields\StringField::class,
                        'attribute' => 'name',
                        'required' => true,

will make all required for CRUD:

`php $model = new Book(); echo 'Validation rules for the search and edit scenario'; var_dump($model->rules()); echo 'Forming ActiveQuery based on filtering parameters and configuring ActiveDataProvider'; var_dump($model->search()); echo 'Formation of list columns settings'; var_dump($model->getGridColumns()); echo 'Formation of settings for the creation/editing form'; var_dump($model->getFormFields()); `

Books CRUD list Books CRUD form

If we compare the implementation of such a model with a model without extension, we can see that the amount of code has changed in a positive direction:

Model on native Yii2 (85 lines) vs Model on CRUD fields (36 lines)

Or more strong example with books authors:

Model on native Yii2 (370 lines) vs Model on CRUD fields (116 lines)

Authors CRUD list Authors CRUD form

For more details please refer to the documentation docs/guide/README.md.

Для более подробной информации обращайтесь к документации docs/guide-ru/README.md.

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