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This extension gets the visitors ip address, logs the access and checks if it's blacklisted or whitelisted. If it's a blacklist
Created by Snook, 2 months ago.


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Yii 2 extension that provides simple authentication based on a secret key.
Created by rob006, 5 months ago.


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Module to interface with a FreeRADIUS server.
Created by David J Eddy, 5 months ago.


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OAuth2 Server for PHP a fork of filsh/yii2-oauth2-server
Created by Stefano Mtangoo, 5 months ago.


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Authorize, search users, get user groups and other from LDAP
Created by Vadim E. Kosoukhov, 5 months ago.


External authentication via OAuth and OpenID for the Yii framework
Created by The Yii Team, 5 months ago.


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Sky User Switch Quick Login User
Created by rockman84, 5 months ago.


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RBAC / Auth Manager for Yii2
Created by Sugeng Sulistiyawan, 5 months ago, updated a month ago.


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automatically login users via TLS/SSL/HTTPS client certificates
Created by canochordo, 7 months ago.


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Enhanced Remember Me
Created by Michael Labriola, a year ago.


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OAuth2 server integration (using bshaffer oauth2 server)
Created by kiwisoft, a year ago.


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Use redis as main database for the RBAC system
Created by kiwisoft, 2 years ago, updated a year ago.