daxslab/yii2-cas-client CAS authentication for Yii2


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Yii2 library for authentication and user local record update by CAS, using the library phpCAS.


  1. Add this to the project with composer require daxslab/yii2casclient

  2. Configure the Yii2 application, e.g. in backend/config/main.php :

    ` return [

     'session' => [
         'class' => 'poofe\yii2casclient\cas\Session',
     'modules' => [
         'cas' => [
             'class' => \daxslab\yii2casclient\cas\CasModule::class,
             'profileClass' => \common\models\Profile::class,
             'userClass' => \common\models\User::class,
             'config' => [
             'host' => '',
             'port' => '8000',
             'path' => 'rrhh/default/user/cas',
             // optional parameters
             'certfile' => false, // empty, or path to a SSL cert, or false to ignore certs
             'debug' => true, // will add many logs into X/runtime/logs/cas.log


  3. Add actions that use this CAS module, e.g. in SiteController :

    ` public function actionLogin() {

     if (!Yii::$app->user->isGuest) {
         return $this->goHome();
     return $this->redirect(['/cas/auth/login']);


    public function actionLogout() {

     if (Yii::$app->user->isGuest) {
         return $this->redirect(['/cas/auth/logout']);
     return $this->goHome();

    } `


The user component that implements yii\web\IdentityInterface will be used to fetch the local profile after querying the CAS server. It means that if User is the App component and CAS returns a username of "bibendum", the authentication will be successful if and only if the result of User::findIdentity("bibendum") is not null.

The action path '/cas/auth/login' starts with the alias of the module, as defined in the application configuration, e.g. 'cas' in 'modules' => [ 'cas' => [ ... ] ].

The profileClass and userClass config parameters are used to update the profile and user table. The update proccess is based on the common attributes between the CAS server and the local tables profile and user.

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Yii Version: 2.0
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Created on: Aug 28, 2020
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