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Dynamic Grid Form is a widget for the yii2 structure to add values to a grid. It is very useful for working with one-to-many ...
Created by Caio Brendo, 6 days ago.


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The converter allows one line to display the html tag <picture> containing the source file and webp
Created by Prosite01, a month ago.


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Yii2 Bootstrap Cropper Input Widget for bootstrap 5
Created by softark, 2 months ago.


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This Yii2 component helps to organize page title, meta tags and `og` and `twitter` open graph tags in with a fiew lines of code.
Created by floor12, 4 months ago.


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A Yii2 package to decompose your installed packages, their dependencies, your app & server environment
Created by Thang Nguyen, 4 months ago.


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Raw SVG icons in Yii2
Created by Sjaakp, 7 months ago.


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Add sidebar that can be collapsed to smaller version
Created by Matej Chalachán, 7 months ago.


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AdminLTE 3 widgets for Yii2
Created by Michael, 7 months ago.


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Yii2 wrapper for ace editor
Created by Elias Luhr, 9 months ago.


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Password Input for Yii2
Created by Elias Luhr, 9 months ago.


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Add Popup Where You Want in Your Yii2 App. This Extension is a Combination of Bootstrap4 Button and Bootstrap4 Modal. With th...
Created by aayushmhu, 10 months ago.


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Export Any HTML Table into CSV or EXCEL
Created by aayushmhu, 10 months ago.