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yii2 swiper slider
Created by Sergio, 19 days ago.


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Yii2 widget for popular social networks 'share link' generation
Created by Gabriel A. López López, 2 months ago.


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Simple Line Icons Asset Bundle for Yii2
Created by Gabriel A. López López, 2 months ago.


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CoreUi for Yii2
Created by Gabriel A. López López, 2 months ago.


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EasyAjax are a bunch of Yii methods that minimize the amount of code you need to write to interact with Ajax CRUD, notifies, mod
Created by letsjump, 3 months ago, updated 4 days ago.


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Widgets and components for simplify navigation
Created by eXeCUT, 4 months ago.


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adminlte3 for yii2
Created by hail, 6 months ago, updated a month ago.


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An extension for input with facility to increase and decrease the value with the button
Created by Ahmad Asjad, 7 months ago.


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This extensions is library for Startbootstrap SB Admin 2 Template with Bootstrap4
Created by hoAAah, 7 months ago.


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Gii CRUD template for Single Page Ajax Administration for yii2
Created by hoAAah, 7 months ago.


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Simple and flexible background tasks manager module for Yii2 framework
Created by gaxz, 7 months ago.


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Dropdown page size selector in DataTables-like style
Created by Oleg Boldenkov, 7 months ago.