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The Rules Generator for the Yii framework
Created by Stanislav Vasilev, 6 months ago.


User Interface 0 2
Fetch link titles in the Yii 2.0 PHP framework
Created by Sjaakp, 7 months ago.


Others 0 36
Хранения настроек приложения в Yii2
Created by Igor Tarasov, 9 months ago.


Validation 0 182
Модель данных Json для Yii2
Created by Igor Tarasov, 9 months ago.


Database 0 852
A behavior for standard fields logic in CRUD based on kartik dynagrid and detailView
Created by eXeCUT, a year ago.


Database 0 29844
Yii2 ActiveRecord supporting MySQL spatial data
Created by Sjaakp, 2 years ago.


Web Service 0 5224
REST client (AR-like model) for Yii Framework 2.0 (via GuzzleHttp)
Created by Ch.Sergey, 2 years ago.


Others 0 653
Select models widget.
Created by Matthew P, 2 years ago.


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This trait adds capability to fetch nearest related model class without need of redefininf relations on extensions.
Created by ugurdokmeci, 6 years ago.


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Automaticall creates Models and CRUD from database tables.
Created by jchambers, 7 years ago, updated 6 years ago.