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Application Template 0 29
DataTables widget for Yii2
Created by Rashed Alkhatib, a month ago.


User Interface 0 271
EasyAjax are a bunch of Yii methods that minimize the amount of code you need to write to interact with Ajax CRUD, notifies, ...
Created by letsjump, 3 years ago, updated 2 years ago.


User Interface 0 396
This extension implements the behavior and widget for a set of images related to a particular model (product, user, etc.).
Created by Matviy, 4 years ago.


Others 0 1182
Select models widget.
Created by Matthew P, 5 years ago.


User Interface 0 1815
Improved Yii2 GridView widget with support ajax, pjax and modal (Bootstrap)
Created by himiklab, 5 years ago.


User Interface 0 64932
Yii2 виджет-обертка для использования плагина jQuery LoadingOverlay
Created by Тимур Мельников, 5 years ago.


Networking 0 13134
Implements long polling connection
Created by Izumi-kun, 5 years ago.


User Interface 0 1759
Form builder or code generator for Yii2. List GridView of forms. Saving form data in a databases.
Created by pceuropa, 5 years ago.


Others 0 3506
yii2 activeform ActiveForm ajax
Created by __FresHmaN, 5 years ago.


User Interface 0 32
Bootstrap ajax modal widget
Created by Amin Keshavarz, 5 years ago.


User Interface 0 0
Vertical list of elements, drag and drop to sort list, every event drop item - ajax send request - Param array.
Created by pceuropa, 7 years ago.


User Interface 0 0
Rapid Application Development tools to quickly build interconnected crud UI.
Created by drsdre, 7 years ago.