giix giix is gii Extended, a code generator for Yii PHP framework.

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giix is gii Extended, a code generator for Yii PHP framework.

giix is inspired and based on gii-template-collection (gtc), by Herbert Maschke (thyseus).

giix is free software and is dual-licensed under the terms of the new BSD License and under the terms of GNU GPL v3. See the LICENSE file.


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Latest news

giix 1.9.2 is here. It adds out-of-the-box support for giic.


giix is inspired and uses code from Yii PHP framework and gii-template-collection. Many thanks to Qiang Xue, Herbert Maschke and the contributors of these software.


giix extends Yii's gii by providing:

  • Proper handling of related model attributes, rendering appropriate form fields based on relation type.
  • More support for HAS_MANY and MANY_MANY relations.
  • Native support for saving MANY_MANY relations with the new method GxActiveRecord::saveWithRelated.
  • Native support for saving multiple (related or not) records with the new method GxActiveRecord::saveMultiple (this method has known bugs, avoid using it).
  • Automatic string representation for a model via GxActiveRecord::representingColumn() and GxActiveRecord::__toString().
  • Better i18n support and easier to maintain: support to active record labels. You change the label once in the model and it is automatically updated in the views. This is especially useful for plurals.
  • Out-of-the box i18n support by using Yii::t().
  • Appropriate form fields are rendered based on model attribute/table field data type.
  • Separated model and basemodel. Basemodel can be regenerated without overwriting your code in the model.
  • Smart methods can query your database for just the needed data (usually the primary key and the field with the string representantion), avoiding manual setup or a "select *".
  • Extensive use of default method parameters. Appropriate data is found automatically.
  • Some (incipient) support for tables with composite primary keys.
  • Generated code is completely free from styling and formatting. Your CSS controls the presentation.
  • Generated code is (almost) free of comments.
  • Well documented and commented source code. Ohloh says that 40% of the lines in the code are comments! You can understand and modify anything you want.

And a lot more! Read the CHANGELOG file and the (richly commented) source code to fully leverage giix's power.

Some of these features come from gtc.


giix is not fully tested now, so please test your application and be careful using it.
giix is still in development. Some changes may break backwards compatibility.

Are you upgrading? Please don't forget to read the UPGRADE file for instructions!

Some users reported problems extracting the files from the archive.
Please download the free 7-zip version 9.20, it is reported to work well.

Installation and upgrading

Please see INSTALL and UPGRADE files for instructions.

Please check the README file for more information.

Related wiki pages

Extensions based on/for or related to giix

  • giix-haml: Extends the giix extension adding Haml templates and more.
  • e-xgen: extjs crud generator.
  • manymanyajaxcrudadmin: giix templates for ajax CRUD code generation of a MANY_MANY Model relationship.
  • foundation4giix: Templates for using Foundation 4 with Yii and optional giix templates if you're a giix fan.
  • giic: Toolset for running Gii (and giix) on the command line.
  • monthpicker: Yii extension wrapping the jQuery UI Monthpicker Widget from Julien Poumailloux (with giix integration).

Apps powered by giix


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