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A widget to flash sweet alert messages using SweetAlert plugin
Created by Aryel Santos, a month ago.


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Vardumper panel for yii2-debug
Created by widewhale, 2 months ago.


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Yii2 client for opentok https://tokbox.com/developer/sdks/php/
Created by Abdulhadi Abu-Shamleh, 3 months ago.


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Yii2 charts widget - wrapper for the ApexCharts.js
Created by onmotion, 4 months ago.


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Page assessment feature for your Yii2 application based on Vue2.
Created by onmotion, 4 months ago.


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Language providers kit for modules based on Yii2 Framework
Created by greeflas, 8 months ago.


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yii2 persian and arabic SluggableBehavior
Created by mr.rezaee, a year ago.


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Facade of Tinify API for Yii2 Framework.
Created by greeflas, a year ago.


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Module for saving user contacts from newsletter form to database
Created by greeflas, a year ago.


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With this extension you can open chat with someone in popular messengers across link on your website.
Created by greeflas, a year ago.


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Extension for creating email templates and manage using your site dashboard
Created by greeflas, a year ago, updated 9 months ago.


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Yii2 widget to copy html blocks by pressing the button
Created by mackrais, a year ago.