yii2-ip2proxy-extension This extension enables the user to check if a given IP address is type of VPN, open proxies, web proxies, TOR exits or BOTs.

  1. Requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Usage


Yii 2


php composer.phar require ip2location/ip2proxy-yii


use IP2ProxyYii\IP2Proxy_Yii;

// (required) Define IP2Proxy database path.
define('IP2PROXY_DATABASE', '/path/to/ip2proxy/database');

// (required) Define IP2Proxy API key.
define('IP2PROXY_API_KEY', 'your_api_key');

// (required) Define IP2Proxy Web service package of different granularity of return information.
define('IP2PROXY_PACKAGE', 'PX1');

// (optional) Define to use https or http.
define('IP2PROXY_USESSL', false);

$IP2Proxy = new IP2Proxy_Yii();

$record = $IP2Proxy->get('');
echo 'Result from BIN Database:<br>';
echo '<p><strong>IP Address: </strong>' . $record['ipAddress'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>IP Number: </strong>' . $record['ipNumber'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>IP Version: </strong>' . $record['ipVersion'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>Country Code: </strong>' . $record['countryCode'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>Country: </strong>' . $record['countryName'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>State: </strong>' . $record['regionName'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>City: </strong>' . $record['cityName'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>Proxy Type: </strong>' . $record['proxyType'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>Is Proxy: </strong>' . $record['isProxy'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>ISP: </strong>' . $record['isp'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>Domain: </strong>' . $record['domain'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>Usage Type: </strong>' . $record['usageType'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>ASN: </strong>' . $record['asn'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>AS: </strong>' . $record['as'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>Last Seen: </strong>' . $record['lastSeen'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>Threat: </strong>' . $record['threat'] . '</p>';
echo '<p><strong>Provider: </strong>' . $record['provider'] . '</p>';

$record = $IP2Proxy->getWebService('');
echo 'Result from Web service:<br>';
echo '<pre>';
print_r ($record);
echo '</pre>';
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Yii Version: 2.0.*
License: MIT
Category: Others
Developed by: hexasoft
Created on: Sep 18, 2020
Last updated: 2 years ago
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