gii-extension-generator Gii extension generator to produce common code used in extensions.

  • version: 0.1.1
  • author: Dimitrios Mengidis

I am developing a lot of extensions lately and i have found my self creating a template with common code for widget. I have been cutting and adding thinks for diff widget ( some use jquery some not, some have css some others not ...etc ), so with the power of gii i am able to create a much more better approach for my widget templates.


Add files under webapp/protected/gii/widget/ folder and then add


to your ~~~

protected/config/main.php file

__Do not extract it like webapp/protected/gii/gii-extension-generator/ , cause it won't work :)__

###Known issue
**{RESOLVED}** [Checkbox disappear]( I came up on this bug while creating this extension. 
To overcome/workaround and test the extension you must find the asset folder that is published at that view and remove the main.js file.
You will lose the 'Preview' and the 'Check All' functionality at that view.
After you are done delete that asset folder so it will be recreated.

- [Yii Guide: Automatic Code Generation](
- [Fork me at github](

####Version: 0.1.1
- Bug: Checkbox disappear bug resolved.
####Version: 0.1
- Added core scripts register.
- Added assets property which publish and registers js and css files
- Added widgetName, widgetClass properties.

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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Others
Developed by: tydeas_dr
Created on: Apr 21, 2011
Last updated: 12 years ago


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