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Select models widget.
Created by Matthew P, 2 months ago.


Web Service 0 22
The refactor and extension for `yiisoft/yii2-rest`.
Created by Jerry, 2 months ago.


Logging 0 14
Yii 2.0 customizable log message fileTarget
Created by chathura sudarsha, 2 months ago, updated a month ago.


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Yii2 charts widget - wrapper for the ApexCharts.js
Created by onmotion, 3 months ago.


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Page assessment feature for your Yii2 application based on Vue2.
Created by onmotion, 3 months ago.


Mail 0 82
Bitcko Yii2 PHPMailer use to send emails from your project.
Created by Mhmd Backer Shehadi, 6 months ago.


Web Service 0 148
Bitcko Yii2 Paypal Api Extension use to integrate Paypal payments in your project using Paylpal php SDK
Created by Mhmd Backer Shehadi, 6 months ago.


Auth 0 38
This extension gets the visitors ip address, logs the access and checks if it's blacklisted or whitelisted. If it's a blacklist
Created by Snook, 6 months ago.


Logging 0 336
Ignores traces in FileTarget log.
Created by Oleksandr Roslov, 9 months ago.


Auth 0 429
RBAC / Auth Manager for Yii2
Created by Sugeng Sulistiyawan, 9 months ago, updated 5 months ago.


User Interface 0 0
The Yii2 extension uses jQuery jquery.carousel-1.1.min.js and makes image carousel from php array of structure defined.
Created by SlavKoVrn, a year ago.


Security 0 0
This extention aims to provide protection for brute force attacks
Created by giannis, a year ago.