The Yii community has developed a great amount of extensions that provide a lot of useful functionality.

  • The extensions you find here are user contributed extensions.
  • There is also a set of extensions maintained by the Yii team, we call these official extensions.
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Networking 4 0
GFtp is a set of FTP component and widget
Created by Herve, 7 years ago.


Database 0 0
Created by kosenka, 5 years ago.


User Interface 0 0
Create a loader animation when the page is request, ends when the load is complete. Use plugin UsejqueryIntroLoader Plugin
Created by Hipogea, 2 years ago.


Database 0 0
Yii1 database seeder
Created by tebazil, 4 years ago.


Others 0 0
Sitemap Generator (Crawler) for Yii
Created by Renegat59, 4 years ago.


Database 0 0
Creates and executes an INSERT SQL statement for several rows.
Created by Nabi, a year ago.


Auth 5 0
Role-Based Access Control Manager with recursion protection, BizRule Manager, Code generation and more
Created by steffomio, 9 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


Others 0 0
Dependency Injection in Yii 1.0 using PHP 5 ReflectionClass
Created by winu, 6 years ago, updated 5 years ago.


Database 0 0
Fixtures replacement with a straightforward definition syntax.
Created by Veseliq, 5 years ago.


Others 1 0
simple project manager and bug tracker
Created by Vince., 8 years ago.


Others 10 0
This application is specifically made for a site that wants to display events, clubs listing, galleries etc…
Created by Vince., 8 years ago.


Web Service 3 0
Soap client and server based on nusoap library
Created by Herve, 7 years ago.