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Fast arbitrary sorting algorithm based on sparse array
Created by wartur, 8 years ago.


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This Yii Behavior is an easy, effective, and logical way to dynamically set classes on the body tag in your layouts.
Created by Wade Shuler, 8 years ago.


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it will automaticly take care about any model list_order (display_order, etc) fields
Created by dragan.zivkovic, 8 years ago.


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This extension use materialized path structure for managing tree
Created by wartur, 8 years ago.


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Auto Number Extension for Yii 1
Created by Misbahul D Munir, 8 years ago.


Date and Time 5 356
Yii1 behavior to automatic convert date format
Created by Misbahul D Munir, 8 years ago.


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Transform values of attributes before saving to DB and after reading from DB.
Created by yan, 8 years ago.


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Behavior/Event for CController to raise&handle 4 events: beforeAction(), afterAction(), beforeRender(), afterRender().
Created by wapmorgan, 8 years ago.


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Helper for managing manually created order of models
Created by wapmorgan, 9 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


Date and Time 2 730
Behavior for CDateFormater that adds some methods for extending date&time formatting.
Created by wapmorgan, 9 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


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Behaviour for CActiveRecord that allows to attach tags to a model.
Created by Su_MpaK, 9 years ago.


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Automatically generate some random data sets for a specified model.
Created by thyseus, 10 years ago.