Extensions tagged with "jquery"

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File System 2 180
A file Manager Extension for TinyMCE, CK and Redactor editor to be used within Yii Framework 1.1
Created by omeraslam, 5 years ago.


User Interface 0 193
A jQuery based dinamic mask input
Created by Phelipe Folgierini, 8 years ago.


User Interface 0 227
A jQuery based clock-style timepicker
Created by Phelipe Folgierini, 8 years ago.


Validation 2 340
International phones input extension
Created by Odirlei, 8 years ago.


User Interface 2 610
A flexible jQuery plug-in for wizard like interface.
Created by ziii, 9 years ago.


User Interface 2 415
Wrapper for JPanelMenu
Created by JbalTero, 9 years ago.


User Interface 8 1292
A wrapper for bootstrap-gtreetable, Twitter Bootstrap 3 plugin.
Created by gilek, 9 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


Others 0 348
See JavaScript attached to Events in a Browser (used Visual Event library)
Created by le_top, 10 years ago.


Others 2 326
基于jquery的城市三级联动 YII 插件
Created by winds, 10 years ago.


User Interface 1 2038
Base on JqGrid, easy yii extension
Created by Milky Way, 10 years ago.


User Interface 6 1165
Wrapper Widget to use jQuery Plugin Select2 in Yii application. Recognized by Igor Vaynberg (Creator of Select2)
Created by Tonin De Rosso Bolzan, 10 years ago.


User Interface 27 3508
Extension to implement the ChartJS Library as widgets
Created by MeiSign, 10 years ago.