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User Interface 9 918
Quickly Add Dynamic Content Without Writing JS Or Additional Actions! Quickly bind JQuery events and much more
Created by evan108108, 11 years ago, updated 10 years ago.


User Interface 3 352
Enables limiting the 'edit' action of a CActiveRecord to a certain time frame after model creation time Edit ZIP
Created by Boaz, 11 years ago.


User Interface 35 10109
Allows to manage image gallery
Created by Bogdan Savluk, 11 years ago, updated 9 years ago.


User Interface 4 1038
Ajax tree (Moco Tree)
Created by sysprog, 12 years ago.


User Interface 14 2078
Nested Set Model Administration GUI with jsTree plugin.
Created by drumaddict, 12 years ago, updated 11 years ago.


User Interface 52 13630
Behavior for multi-step forms
Created by Yeti, 13 years ago, updated 12 years ago.


User Interface 23 1651
This extension helps you to remember/store filter values of GridViews during navigation, filters will stick.
Created by Pentium10, 13 years ago, updated 10 years ago.


User Interface 17 775
This extension helps you to clear remembered filter values on GridViews, by using the additional top right image.
Created by Pentium10, 13 years ago, updated 10 years ago.