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This plugin allows you to use combogrid in your yii application
Created by candyman, 8 years ago.


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Insertion of a single model that is repeated in a form
Created by rafaelt88, 8 years ago.


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creates a dialog box for forms using CJuiDialog for any controller
Created by Rehan Anis, 9 years ago.


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Yii 1.1 dropdown widget with AJAX data
Created by Bizley, 9 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


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Provides simple opportunity for replacing model field values with editable textareas
Created by hastenax, 10 years ago.


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EFineUploader: Uploading files using ajax (without flash)
Created by kosenka, 11 years ago.


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a very simple chat jquery based for yii framework.
Created by bluyell, 11 years ago, updated 10 years ago.


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Insert a link above the image to change it and view the new one using ajax - just like facebook
Created by Amr Bedair, 11 years ago.


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Comments for Yii1.1
Created by sensorario, 11 years ago, updated 10 years ago.


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Quickly Add Dynamic Content Without Writing JS Or Additional Actions! Quickly bind JQuery events and much more
Created by evan108108, 11 years ago.


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single and multiple file uploader using ajax jquery, drag & drop featured.
Created by bluyell, 11 years ago, updated 10 years ago.


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Quickly setup ajax-delivered content into metaboxes.
Created by Fragoulas, 11 years ago.