wizard-behavior Behavior for multi-step forms

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Wizard Behavoir is an extension that simplifies the handling of multi-step forms.


  • Data persistence
  • Plot-Branching Navigation (PBN)
  • Next/Previous or Forward Only navigation
  • Optional step timeout
  • Invalid step handling
  • All steps submit to the same URL (contoller/action); this greatly simplifies routes
  • Save and recover wizards between sessions
  • Utility methods for use in views to assist navigation


Developed using Yii 1.1.6. Should work with all versions


The Very Brief Version
  • Set up the steps array in the Wizard Behavior configuration
  • Attach Wizard Behavior to a controller
  • Call WizardBehavior's process() method from the desired action
  • Handle the events that WizardBehavior raises
The Long Version

Please see the the manual for full details on using Wizard Behavior - it also fully documents the API and contains example code, and/or download the demo application.

Plot-Branching Navigation (PBN)

PBN allows a wizard to change the path depending on a response from a user. A simple example: you ask the user their gender; you can then take a different path through the wizard presenting gender specific forms depending on their response.



Wizard Behavior was inspired by the CakePHP Wizard Component: http://github.com/jaredhoyt

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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: User Interface
Developed by: Yeti
Created on: Feb 20, 2011
Last updated: 10 years ago


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