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Yii widget for Noty jQuery notification plugin
Created by Mohammed Shifrin, 8 years ago.


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Yii extension to manage cookie warning
Created by Bizley, 9 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


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Three state checkbox input widget for Yii
Created by atrandafir, 9 years ago.


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A simple graph widget for Yii 1, using the Dygraphs.js library.
Created by Sibilino, 9 years ago.


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show , zoom and rotate images
Created by hooman.programmer, 9 years ago.


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A flexible jQuery plug-in for wizard like interface.
Created by ziii, 9 years ago.


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Widget factory (Фабрика виджетов)
Created by Petr.Grishin, 9 years ago.


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Wrapper for JPanelMenu
Created by JbalTero, 9 years ago.


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This extension allows use elFinder file manager in your Yii application.
Created by rob006, 10 years ago, updated 6 years ago.


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Enable to pick location in form
Created by Febrianto Arif, 10 years ago, updated 9 years ago.


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Flash player without logo on screen
Created by shapovalov_org, 10 years ago, updated 9 years ago.


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A wrapper for Spritespin jQuery Plugin
Created by Alfa Adhitya, 10 years ago, updated 9 years ago.