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User Interface 0 125
Виджеты для Yii2
Created by Igor Tarasov, 5 months ago.


User Interface 0 141
Image optimization widget for Yii2 Framework with auto WebP image format generation from PNG/JPG files.
Created by Bartosz Wójcik, 7 months ago, updated 6 months ago.


Validation 0 4
The Rules Generator for the Yii framework
Created by Stanislav Vasilev, 7 months ago.


Auth 0 23
Google One Tap Extension
Created by bee1194, 8 months ago.


Others 0 14
Created a widget for Yii2. This is SeoBreadcrumbs widget which can help your website to set the correct scheme for breadcrumbs
Created by Vlad Umanskyi, 9 months ago.


Validation 0 805
Spam check widget for Yii2, based on Google reCAPTCHA API v3
Created by xstreamka, 11 months ago.


Others 0 32
Yii2 bootstrap4 breadcrumbs widget with microdata markup from Schema.org
Created by becksonq, a year ago.


User Interface 0 319
Yii2 widget for popular social networks 'share link' generation
Created by Gabriel A. López López, a year ago.


Web Service 0 94
Seo components for Yii 2
Created by kovenant, a year ago.


Application Template 0 479
The form field widgets for Yii2 Framework with multilanguage mode support.
Created by itstructure, a year ago.


Application Template 0 1966
CKEditor widget for Yii2 Framework
Created by itstructure, a year ago.


User Interface 0 111
An extension for input with facility to increase and decrease the value with the button
Created by Ahmad Asjad, a year ago.