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Security 0 2
JSON Web Tokens (JWT) extension in Yii 1.
Created by Nabi, 3 years ago.


Security 2 248
Yii extension that give you opportunity to limit request rate from single IP
Created by Dzhus, 6 years ago.


Security 5 424
Yii antispam extension for user messages and registrations
Created by rustik, 6 years ago.


Security 4 434
A simple way to choose the hashing algorithm - secure your site with strong hashing.
Created by kamilsk, 7 years ago, updated 6 years ago.


Security 4 533
This module protects your website content from being copied.
Created by Dismal, 8 years ago.


Security 0 342
Small extension, providing an API for creating and validating an encrypted token that has a limited lifetime.
Created by migel, 8 years ago.


Security 0 1236
Encryption component using mcrypt
Created by yiier, 9 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


Security 9 1497
Wrapper for Phpass
Created by yiier, 9 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


Security 7 829
Generate Serial Numbers based on input or microtime
Created by PeRoChAk, 9 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


Security 2 0
Obsolete: Helper functions for getting secure random numbers
Created by fsb, 9 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


Security 2 830
The component for replacement bad words on ***
Created by ardem, 9 years ago.


Security 14 3445
The suite you need to clean the input coming from users
Created by twisted1919, 9 years ago, updated 6 years ago.