timebarredtoken Small extension, providing an API for creating and validating an encrypted token that has a limited lifetime.

Time Barred Token

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Small extension, providing an API for creating and validating an encrypted token that has a limited lifetime, and also provides a filter to allow or deny execution of controller actions, depending on the validity of the token.


  1. Put files into protected/extension/TimeBarredToken folder
  2. Add TimeBarredTokenComponent to your application components in protected/config/main.php:
'components' => array(
			'timeBarredToken' => array(
				'class' => 'ext.TimeBarredToken.TimeBarredTokenComponent',
				/* This is optional: */
				'duration' => 3600,
				'encryptionKey' => 'mmn!$89MmdiopNWuIOOEWR-0AA689',
				'validationKey' => '903*(E)0k909eijj1@#0-',



Here is example controller, which allow access to http://<youdomain.com>/article/details from 15:00 till 16:00 only for user, that have right token:

class ArticleController extends CController {
		public function filters() {
			return array(
				'ext.TimeBarredToken.TimeBarredTokenFilter + details',
				'throwException' => true,
				'message' => 'Access to this article denied!',

		/* This action shows you protected page */
		public function actionDetails() {

		/* This action generates link with token and should be accessible only for authorised users - usually only for you */
		public function actionMySecretLinkGenerator() {
			echo Yii::app()->createUrl('article/details', array('token' => Yii::app()->timeBarredToken->getToken(strtotime('21 december 2011 15:00'), 3600)));

Now, you can create a marker with page http://<youdomain.com>/article/mySecretLinkGenerator and the web page http://<youdomain.com>/article/details can be achieved using a link like this:


Access will be limited from 15:00 till 16:00 21 dec 2012

Important note

Token contains only time limits, not also route, so many pages may be accessible with one valid token!

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Yii Version: 1.1
License: MIT
Category: Security
Tags: Security
Developed by: migel
Created on: Dec 11, 2012
Last updated: 8 years ago


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