yii2-meta Databased based automated page meta tags based on route and named parameters

Web Page Metadata

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DB based web page metadata for SEO performance annoying free development.

Latest updates<br/> https://github.com/ptheofan/yii2-meta

What's next

Take into account the route named parameters


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist ptheofan/yii2-meta "*"

or add

"ptheofan/yii2-meta": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


Basic Usage In your components configuration add the following

'meta' => [
    'class' => 'ptheofan\meta\Meta',

run the migration by running ~~~ ./yii migrate --migrationPath="@vendor/ptheofan/yii2-meta/migrations" ~~~

In your code, if you want to automatically set the metadata for a page call


This will automatically load the correct row from the database using the currently running route (module/controller/action or controller/action). It will automatically identify and set the canonical, the og:url. The reset depend on the database entry, the argument used and the defaults as identified in your component config.

You can optionally override data by specifying them in a parameter array

Yii::$app->meta->setMeta(['title' => 'My cool override']);

or you can use defaults to be used throughout the site in the component config

'meta' => [
    'class' => 'ptheofan\meta\Meta',
    'defaults' => [
        'og:type' => 'website',
        'author' => 'My Cool Company',

The defaults will always override any values passed in through parameter or through the database.

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Yii Version: 2.0
License: MIT
Category: Others
Developed by: Elecen
Created on: Oct 24, 2014
Last updated: 9 years ago