yii2-localeurls Automatic locale/language management for URLs

Yii2 Locale URLs ΒΆ

Automatic locale/language management through URLs for Yii 2.

Features ΒΆ

With this extension you can use URLs that contain a language code like:


You can also configure friendly names if you want:


The language code is automatically added whenever you create a URL, and read back when a URL is parsed. For best user experience the language is autodetected from the browser settings - but the user can still access other languages simply by calling a URL with another language code.

The last requested language is also persisted in the user session and in a cookie. So if the user tries to access your site without a language code in the URL, he'll get redirected to the language he had used on his last visit.

All the above (and more) is configurable of course.

For more details check out the project on github:


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Yii Version: 2.0
License: MIT
Category: Others
Tags: I18N, url
Developed by: Mike
Created on: Oct 15, 2014
Last updated: 7 years ago

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