yii-embed-opencart A lightweight Yii application embedded into OpenCart

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A lightweight Yii application embedded into OpenCart


  • Yii is available from anywhere in OpenCart using Yii::app() or Yii::foobar
  • OpenCart registry is available from anywhere in Yii using Yii::app()->registry
  • Controllers and Modules are handled by the OpenCart not_found.php controller
  • Models are built that represent all OpenCart-1.5.6 tables including relations
  • Generate models for all your tables in one step and create standard Yii Crud using Gii
  • Autoload any of your Yii models and components from anywhere in OpenCart
  • Widgets can be rendered and will auto-include their stylesheet and javascript files
  • OpenCart controllers and child actions can be run within Yii
  • Uses Yii pretty error message and stack dump

The following Yii components are pre-configured to work in your OpenCart:


Head over to [yii-embed-opencart on GitHub] for the Download, Requirements, Installation, Configuration, Examples and more.

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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Others
Developed by: cornernote
Created on: Dec 15, 2013
Last updated: 6 years ago


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