unittestyiis Unit Test Generator For Basic Model Crud Operations.

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UnitTestYiis auto-generates unit tests for basic Create, Read, Update and Delete actions on a given Model.


Yii 1.4 or above. You must have a fixture for the given Model you wish to generate a test on.


  1. Place the `CrudUnit' directory into your extensions directory
  2. Place the file `CreateUnitTestCommand.php' into your 'commands/shell' directory.
  3. In your `config/test.php' add the import statement bellow


  1. Open your terminal and enter yiic shell
  2. Type createunittest
  3. You will be prompted to enter your Model name (example: `User').
  4. Enter the model name and hit enter.
  5. You will be prompted to enter the name of your fixture file without the .php' (example: users').
  6. Enter the fixture file name and hit enter.
  7. You will be prompted to enter your fixture key prefix (Example `user_' as in ('user_1'=>array('id'=>1, etc..), user_2=>array('id'=>2, ...), ...).
  8. Enter the fixture key prefix and hit enter
  9. Yo will be asked "Are there attributes of '$modelName' that are contained in fixture '$fixtureName' modified by beforeSave or other action(s)? [Yes|No]:"
  10. Enter 'yes' or 'no' and hit enter.
  11. Run your tests!

Update 1.3



  1. Added more detailed messages on test failures
  2. Added a status flag for turning off data consistency checks on inserts and updates. Useful when data is modified by methods like beforeSave().
  3. Everyone should download the latest version.


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Created on: Jul 25, 2011
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