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This extension allows active record model to manage tags.



Taggable Behavior

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  2. Installation and configuration
  3. Methods
  4. Bonus features
  5. Using multiple tag groups
  6. Using taggable with CAutoComplete
  7. Change Log
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  9. 1.4
  10. 1.3
  11. 1.2
  12. 1.1
  13. 1.0.2
  14. 1.0.1
  15. 1.0
  16. 0.9
  17. 0.8
  18. 0.6

Allows active record model to manage tags.

Installation and configuration

Create a table where you want to store tags and cross-table to store tag-model connections. You can use sample SQL from schema.sql file.

In your ActiveRecord model define behaviors() method:

function behaviors() {
    return array(
        'tags' => array(
            'class' => 'ext.yiiext.behaviors.model.taggable.ETaggableBehavior',
            // Table where tags are stored
            'tagTable' => 'Tag',
            // Cross-table that stores tag-model connections.
            // By default it's your_model_tableTag
            'tagBindingTable' => 'PostTag',
            // Foreign key in cross-table.
            // By default it's your_model_tableId
            'modelTableFk' => 'post_id',
            // Tag table PK field
            'tagTablePk' => 'id',
            // Tag name field
            'tagTableName' => 'name',
            // Tag counter field
            // if null (default) does not write tag counts to DB
            'tagTableCount' => 'count',
            // Tag binding table tag ID
            'tagBindingTableTagId' => 'tagId',
            // Caching component ID. If false don't use cache.
            // Defaults to false.
            'cacheID' => 'cache',

            // Save nonexisting tags.
            // When false, throws exception when saving nonexisting tag.
            'createTagsAutomatically' => true,

            // Default tag selection criteria
            'scope' => array(
				'condition' => ' t.user_id = :user_id ',
				'params' => array( ':user_id' => Yii::app()->user->id ),

			// Values to insert to tag table on adding tag
			'insertValues' => array(
				'user_id' => Yii::app()->user->id,

For using AR model for tags (for example, to bind custom behavior), use EARTaggableBehavior.

To do it add following to your config:

return array(
  // ...
		// ...
		// other imports
	// ...

In your AR model implement behaviors() method:

function behaviors() {
    return array(
        'tags_with_model' => array(
            'class' => 'ext.yiiext.behaviors.model.taggable.EARTaggableBehavior',
            // tag table name
            'tagTable' => 'Tag',
            // tag model class
            'tagModel' => 'Tag',
            // ...
            // other options as shown above



Replace model tags with new tags set.

$post = new Post();
$post->setTags('tag1, tag2, tag3')->save();
addTags($tags) or addTag($tags)

Add one or more tags to existing set.

$post->addTags('new1, new2')->save();
removeTags($tags) or removeTag($tags)

Remove tags specified (if they do exist).


Remove all tags from the model.


Get array of model's tags.

$tags = $post->getTags();
foreach($tags as $tag){
  echo $tag;
hasTag($tags) или hasTags($tags)

Returns true if all tags specified are assigned to current model and false otherwise.

$post = Post::model()->findByPk(1);
if($post->hasTags("yii, php")){

Get all possible tags for this model class.

$tags = Post::model()->getAllTags();
foreach($tags as $tag){
  echo $tag;

Get all possible tags with models count for each for this model class.

$tags = Post::model()->getAllTagsWithModelsCount();
foreach($tags as $tag){
  echo $tag['name']." (".$tag['count'].")";
taggedWith($tags) или withTags($tags)

Limits AR query to records with all tags specified.

$posts = Post::model()->taggedWith('php, yii')->findAll();
$postCount = Post::model()->taggedWith('php, yii')->count();
resetAllTagsCache() and resetAllTagsWithModelsCountCache()

could be used to reset getAllTags() or getAllTagsWithModelsCount() cache.

Bonus features

You can print comma separated tags following way:

$post->addTags('new1, new2')->save();
echo $post->tags->toString();

Using multiple tag groups

You can use multiple tag groups for a single model. For example, we will create OS and Category tag groups for Software model.

First we need to create DB tables. Two for each group:

/* Tag table */
  `name` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`id`),
  UNIQUE KEY `Os_name` (`name`)

/* Tag binding table */
  `post_id` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`post_id`,`osId`)

/* Tag table */
CREATE TABLE `Category` (
  `name` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`id`),
  UNIQUE KEY `Category_name` (`name`)

/* Tag binding table */
CREATE TABLE `PostCategory` (
  `post_id` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
  `categoryId` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`post_id`,`categoryId`)

Then we are attaching behaviors:

return array(
    'categories' => array(
        'class' => 'ext.yiiext.behaviors.model.taggable.ETaggableBehavior',
        'tagTable' => 'Category',
        'tagBindingTable' => 'PostCategory',
        'tagBindingTableTagId' => 'categoryId',
    'os' => array(
        'class' => 'ext.yiiext.behaviors.model.taggable.ETaggableBehavior',
        'tagTable' => 'Os',
        'tagBindingTable' => 'PostOs',
        'tagBindingTableTagId' => 'osId',

That's it. Now we can use it:

$soft = Software::model()->findByPk(1);
// fist attached taggable behavior is used by default
// so we can use short syntax instead of $soft->categories->addTag("Antivirus"):

Using taggable with CAutoComplete

<?$this->widget('CAutoComplete', array(
	'name' => 'tags',
	'value' => $model->tags->toString(),
	'url'=>'/autocomplete/tags', //path to autocomplete URL
)) ?>

Saving tags will look like following:

function actionUpdate(){
	$model = Post::model()->findByPk($_GET['id']);


		// if you have multiple tag fields:
		// $model->tags1->setTags($_POST['tags1']);
		// $model->tags1->setTags($_POST['tags2']);

		if($model->save()) $this->redirect(array('index'));

Change Log


  • updateCount now uses proper PK name (RSol)


  • Change CacheID defaults to false. If false don't use cache.
  • Fixed phpDoc
  • Fixed cache key generation (Sam Dark)
  • Fixed English docs (Sam Dark)
  • 27: Fixed typos (Sam Dark)


  • Tag table primary key is no longer hardcoded as id and can be set via tagTablePk.
  • Additional values inserting support (mitallast).
  • Default scope criteria support (mitallast).
  • Better criteria support (mitallast).
  • Files and classnames are renamed to ETaggableBehavior and EARTaggableBehavior.
  • Added criteria support to ETagListWidget.
  • More flexibility for ETagListWidget url.


  • Fixed getting tags array from string with separator at the end or beginning of line.
  • Fixed getting wrong ids when using withTags() or taggedWith().
  • ETagListWidget.
  • Added getTagsWithModelsCount().
  • getAllTagsWithModelsCount now can accept criteria.
  • Input is being passed through strip_tags now.



  • New manual section: using taggable with CAutoComplete.
  • Renamed __toString to toString since magic was hard to debug in case of failure.
  • Fixed more possible cache keys overlap when using multiple tag sets within one model.


  • New naming conventions.


  • More PHPDoc documentation.
  • Fixed possible cache keys overlap when using multiple tag sets with one model.


Warning: this version is not compatible with Yii 1.0.

  • Added resetAllTagsCache() and resetAllTagsWithModelsCountCache().
  • Fixed getAllTags() and getAllTagsWithModelsCount() cache issues.
  • Now tags are saved on save() only if they were changed.
  • Extension is now compatible only with Yii 1.1.
  • Fixed saving empty tags.
  • Fixed caching.


Warning: this version is not backwards compatible to 0.6.

  • Now you can set tagId field name for binding table.
  • Do not try to delete tag bindings when inserting new record.
  • Added taggedWith() alias withTags().
  • Removed getCountByTags(), findAllByTags(). Use taggedWith().
  • Method chaining: $post->addTags("yii, php")->save();
  • New syntax: $posts = Post::model()->taggedWith(array('php', 'yii'))->findAll();
  • Added parent:: calls in event handlers.
  • Added hasTags() and it's alias hasTag() to check if all tags specified are attached to current model.
  • New syntax: echo $post->tags (or by what name behaviour is attached) will print comma separated tags.
  • getTags now returns array since implode is really easy to do yourself.
  • Removed getTagsArray().
  • addTags(), removeTags(), setTags() are now accept both string and array.
  • Added addTag() as alias of addTags(), removeTag() as alias of removeTags().
  • Some methods are now protected.
  • Added $with to findAllByTags().
  • getAllTags().
  • Unit tests.
  • createTagsAutomatically option allows to throw exception when adding nonexisting tag.


  • Initial public release.
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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Database
Tags: model
Developed by: samdark
Created on: Dec 8, 2009
Last updated: 10 years ago

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