yii-manymanyactiverecord ManyManyActiveRecord class for simple and quick saving MANY_MANY relation data in models

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The ManyManyActiveRecord YII extension class adds up functionality of saving MANY_MANY relation field value using simple arrays.


Yii 1.1 or above


Commit cf8a3d1 @ Aug 19, 2012 ~~~ Added "save model first" exception ~~~

Commit c19cac2 @ Aug 17, 2012 ~~~ Fixed issue with non integer primary keys ~~~

Commit a3da45c @ Aug 17, 2012: ~~~ Fixed issue with non 'id' primary keys Added transaction support on setRelationRecords method ~~~


To use this extension:

1) copy ManyManyActiveRecord to your components directory

2) check that your config have autoloaded


3) extend your model (which has MANY_MANY relation), category for example

class Category extends ManyManyActiveRecord

Then just use it:

If Category has: ~~~ 'posts'=>array(self::MANY_MANY, 'Post', 'tbl_post_category(category_id, post_id)') ~~~ create tbl_post_category (category_id, post_id) table and then

you can set relations by (with erasing old ones) ~~~ $model = Category::model()->findByPk(10); $model->setRelationRecords('posts',array(1, 2, 3)); ~~~ or you can add new relations (without deletions of old ones) ~~~ $model = Category::model()->findByPk(10); $model->addRelationRecords('posts',array(1, 2, 3)); ~~~ or you can remove some relations ~~~ $model = Category::model()->findByPk(10); $model->removeRelationRecords('posts',array(1,2,3)); ~~~ or if you need to save additional data in tbl_post_category (like user_id for example) you add relations with $additionalFields ~~~ $model = Category::model()->findByPk(10); $model->addRelationRecords('posts',array(1, 2, 3), array('user_id' => Yii::app()->user->id)); ~~~ Each of this method saves data to database, you don't need to save the model.


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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Database
Developed by: hastenax
Created on: Aug 8, 2012
Last updated: 10 years ago


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