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Features: Topics: Add attachments by drag&drop or multi file upload thanks to XUpload extension Image attachments (with the extensions you approve) is shown in lightbox style(using easybox) A bbcode editor with preview functionality Edit the topic, or title easily thrue ajax Browse topics in a category and its latest threads etc An ajax search function that searches in both title and content of all topics to get the results. Neat slide-to-unlock(iphone/android style) captcha

Moderator functionality: Move topic to a diffrent category (including trashbin category) Delete topic Make the topic sticky, or remove the sticky status

Comments: Comment with the bbcode editor Quote comment Edit comment Upvote/downvote comment Moderator functionality: Delete comment

Categories: Browse topic per category See latest treads and by who Quick browse between the other categories while viewing one. Moderator functionality: Create, delete or rename categories in the admin panel Decide the order in which the categories will be shown thrue a drag&drop sortable list in the admin panel

Other admin functionality: View stats (currently only number of threads,comments and users) in a nice user friendly graph. View trashbin, threads that instead of beeing deleted has been sent to the trashbin category so another moderator later on can study it and decide to delete it entirely or "approve" it, sending it back to a normal category that visitors and normal users can see.


You have to have your own user table


To install: Put the sforum folder in your protected/modules folder in your config file make sure you have these things set:

'aliases' => array(
'xupload' => 'application.modules.sforum.components.xupload', //used for the attachment uploads

'newTopicStatus'=>'visible', // or hidden. Description: What status should newly created topics get.
'userClass'=>'User', //set the name of your user model
'commentsPerPage'=>3, //number of comments per page
'uploadDir'=>'/uploads/',// where to upload attachments
'userUrl'=> "/user/view/id/{{userid}}", //the url to the user profiles in your project
'imageExt'=>"jpg,gif,png,jpeg",// what extensions for attachments should be treated as images //and shown in a easybox window if clicked



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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Others
Developed by: Sampa
Created on: Sep 7, 2012
Last updated: 11 years ago


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