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Application Template 0 143
Module for Yii2 Framework to upload some type of files to local or S3 Amazon storage
Created by itstructure, a month ago.


Application Template 0 274
Admin module for Yii2 Framework with AdminLTE template
Created by itstructure, a month ago.


User Interface 0 15
Simple and flexible background tasks manager module for Yii2 framework
Created by gaxz, 4 months ago.


Application Template 0 51
The structure of universal Yii2 module who fits both to advanced and basic templates
Created by Pathfinder, 7 months ago.


Others 0 12
Comment extension for Yii2
Created by Sjaakp, 8 months ago.


File System 0 96
Yii2 upload file module based on filepond js library
Created by vkabachenko, 9 months ago.


Auth 0 352
User management extension for Yii2
Created by Sjaakp, a year ago.


User Interface 0 270
Create Cron jobs from browser, and look that run logs
Created by Vasadi-Balogh Tamás, a year ago.


Others 0 324
survey module for Yii2 application
Created by onmotion, a year ago.


Web Service 0 1222
Yii2 Support Ticket Module, easy, flexible, fast
Created by akiraz2, a year ago.


Others 0 39
Page assessment feature for your Yii2 application based on Vue2.
Created by onmotion, a year ago.


Auth 0 38
This extension gets the visitors ip address, logs the access and checks if it's blacklisted or whitelisted. If it's a blacklist
Created by Snook, 2 years ago.