sam-it/yii2-magic Improvements to Yii2 framework.

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Improvements for Yii2 that make it more "magic".


Use this trait in your controller to get dependency injection in controller actions. use \SamIT\Yii2\Traits\ActionInjectionTrait;


Use this trait in your form to highlight unsafe attributes. use \SamIT\Yii2\Traits\HighlightUnsafeAttributesTrait;


Use this trait in your active record model to implement single table inheritance. `` use \SamIT\Yii2\Traits\SingleTableInheritanceTrait;

protected static function inheritanceConfig() {

return [
    'map' => [
        PartnerProject::class => 'partner'
    'column' => 'type'

} ` This trait uses a different query object. If you use your own ActiveQuery implementation, use SingleTableInheritanceQueryTrait`.

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Yii Version: 2.0
License: MIT
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Developed by: sammousa
Created on: Sep 7, 2018
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