insolita/yii2-codestat Statistic of code usage inspired by Laravel Stats

Yii2 Code Statistic

  1. Basic Usage
  2. Advanced Usage

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Based on phploc/phploc


Either run

composer require --dev insolita/yii2-codestat:~2.0

or add

"insolita/yii2-codestat": "~2.0"

in require-dev section of your composer.json file.

Basic Usage

Add in console configuration file, in section modules

            'scanTargets' => ['@backend/','@common/','@frontend/','@console/'],
            'exceptTargets' => ['*config*','vendor*','*web/','*runtime/','*views/','*tests/'],

scanTargets - array of path, or path aliases that will be scanned recursively exceptTargets - array of path patterns for excluding

For checking whole list of files that will be processed, run ./yii codestat/default/list-files

For statistic summary output run ./yii codestat

For statistic summary output with show bad resolved files ./yii codestat 1

Show full phploc report per each defined group

./yii codestat/default/advanced 
./yii codestat/default/advanced WebControllers
./yii codestat/default/advanced WebControllers,RestControllers,ConsoleControllers

Show full phploc report for all matched files

./yii codestat/default/common

Show full phploc report for custom directory

./yii codestat/default/directory @common/models

Show full phploc report for custom file

./yii codestat/default/file @common/lib/MySuperClass.php

List available metrics with codes ./yii codestat/default/list-metrics

Advanced Usage

Custom Class Grouping Rules

You can extend or overwrite property 'groupRules', with supported formats

'Group Name' => 'BaseParentClass'

where 'BaseParentClass' should by verified with (\ReflectionClass)->isSubclassOf()


'Group Name' => function(\ReflectionClass $reflection){
       //Should return true if class valid for this group, otherwise false;

Final example

             'groupRules' => [
                                'Jobs' => 'yii\queue\JobInterface',
                                'Handlers' => 'trntv\bus\interfaces\Handler::class',
                                'DTO' => function (\ReflectionClass $reflection) {
                                     return mb_strpos($reflection->getFileName(), 'Dto')!==false;
                                'All Tests' => function (\ReflectionClass $reflection) {
                                    return $reflection->isSubclassOf('\Codeception\Test\Unit')
                                        || StringHelper::endsWith($reflection->getName(), 'Cest');
                            ] + CodeStatModule::defaultRules(),

Important! The order of the rules in the list matters, the base classes (\yii\base\Component and \yii\base\Object) should be at the end of the list!

Custom code metrics

Code metrics provided by, has lot of variants, you can define own combination

For actions advanced/common/directory/file you should set metrics property with array of necessary metric names

            'metrics'=>['loc','lloc','classCcnAvg', 'classLlocAvg', 'methodCcnAvg']

For summary action you should provide property 'analyseCallback' in module like as `php

'analyseCallback = function($group){
           /**@var insolita\codestat\lib\collection\Group $group **/
           return ['totalFiles'=>count($group->getFiles()),  'metric1'=>$metrics[some], ...etc];
It should return associative array with `'metric name' => 'metric value'` data and will replace internal https://github

And also table summary convention - if metric name contains slash "/", for summary row will be counted average value, otherwise sum

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