escalar Scalar Objects (with output chaining) for your Yii model attributes.


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Provides Scalar Objects for your Yii model attributes. The best part is that you can use any of PHP's built in string / array functions!

Currently Scalar supports strings and arrays but future versions will support integers and floats.
This library requires PHP 5.3 or greater.


  1. Place Scalar in your extensions directory
  2. Update your application config
  1. Attach the EScalarBehavior to your model or base model
public function behaviors()
	return array(


Simple string manipulation

Where name is an attribute of MyModel

$model = MyModel::model()->findByPk(1);

echo $model->scalar('name')->strtoupper();
echo $model->scalar('name')->substr(0, -1);
Output chaining
echo $model->scalar('name')->substr(0, -1)->strtoupper();
echo $model->scalar('name')->substr(0, -1)->strtoupper()->trim();
Output chaining with model relations

Where contact is a relation of $model and full_name is an attribute of contact

echo $model->scalar('contact.full_name')->strtolower()->explode(' ')[0];
echo $model->scalar('contact.full_name')->strtolower()->explode(' ')->implode('|');
Optional default values

You may pass an optional default value when attributes are null or empty

//If is empty or null the value 'first last' will be used.
echo $model->scalar('contact.full_name', 'first last')->strtolower()->explode(' ')[0];
Haystack management

By default Scalar maps you're string/array to the first param of the PHP function you are executing. This as you know is not sufficient, luckily Scalar provides two methods for resolving this. The first is by using a token and the second is using a class called MethodMapper. Lets take a look at the token replacement

Haystack token replacement

You can change the default behavior by using the token '___'.

echo $model->scalar('name')->str_replace('Evan', 'Darren', '___');
echo $model->scalar('name')->explode(' ', '___')[0];
Using EMethodMapper

Once you map the Haystack in the EMethodMapper class you will no longer need to use the token (tokens will still work).

class EMethodMapper
	public static $method_map = array(
		"str_replace" => array('haystack'=>3),
		"explode" => array('haystack'=>2),
		"implode" => array('haystack'=>2),
echo $model->scalar('name')->str_replace('Evan', 'Darren');
echo $model->scalar('name')->explode(' ')[0];
echo $model->scalar('name')->explode(' ')->implode('|');


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Yii Version: Unknown
License: BSD-2-Clause
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Developed by: evan108108
Created on: May 9, 2013
Last updated: 10 years ago


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