dbexplorer display informations of the connected database

  1. Requirements
  2. Usage
  3. Internationalization (I18N)
  4. What you can display with the module

DbExplorerModule is a module that provides a quick overview to the connected database inside your application.

It's a kind of tool to support the development process (e.g. while you using Gii) of your web application. So you haven't to change to a other application such like Chive or Adminer if you like only a fast overview to the tables/views etc. in your app.


Yii 1.1.13 or above... (no older Yii versions!)


  • install and explore the code of the demo application
  • or put in the configuration file (main.php) a code snippet like this
        // uncomment the following to enable the Gii tool
            // If removed, Gii defaults to localhost only. Edit carefully to taste.
            // the path to the application layout file
            'appLayout'=>'application.views.layouts.column1', /* optional */
             // key name for RBAC- support
            'rbac'=>'exploreDB', /* optional */
            // or allow access for one user
            'superUserName'=>'admin',  /* optional: see Yii::app()->user->name */            


Internationalization (I18N)

The widget support german,english and french at the moment. If you have a translation of the message file in an other language than feel you free and send me a mail with your translation!

What you can display with the module

Informations about the database connection


Metadata for Tables / Views


Data Mapping of Yii


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Yii Version: Unknown
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Others
Developed by: volkmar
Created on: Jun 8, 2013
Last updated: 10 years ago


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