daxslab/yii2-sharelinks-widget Yii2 widget for popular social networks 'share link' generation


  1. Supported Social Networks
  2. Installation via Composer
  3. Usage Example
  4. Example custom view file

Yii2 widget for popular social networks "share link" generation. Based on https://github.com/ijackua/yii2-sharelinks-widget.

Supported Social Networks

Installation via Composer

add to require section of your composer.json "daxslab/yii2-sharelinks-widget": "*" and run composer update

Usage Example

in template file use ~~~php <?php echo \daxslab\sharelinks\ShareLinks::widget(

	'viewName' => '@app/views/mypath/shareLinks.php'   //custom view file for you links appearance

); ?> ~~~

Example custom view file

This eaxmple uses custom icons from Fontello, but you can make it what ever you want and customize what links do you need and what not. Your @app/views/mypath/shareLinks.php file could look like ~~~php <?php use daxslab\sharelinks\ShareLinks; use \yii\helpers\Html;


  • @var yii\base\View $this */


<?= Html::a('', $this->context->shareUrl(ShareLinks::SOCIAL_FACEBOOK), ['title' => 'Share to Facebook']) ?> <?= Html::a('', $this->context->shareUrl(ShareLinks::SOCIAL_TWITTER), ['title' => 'Share to Twitter']) ?> <?= Html::a('', $this->context->shareUrl(ShareLinks::SOCIAL_LINKEDIN), ['title' => 'Share to LinkedIn']) ?> <?= Html::a('', $this->context->shareUrl(ShareLinks::SOCIAL_GPLUS), ['title' => 'Share to Google Plus']) ?> <?= Html::a('', $this->context->shareUrl(ShareLinks::SOCIAL_VKONTAKTE), ['title' => 'Share to Vkontakte']) ?> <?= Html::a('', $this->context->shareUrl(ShareLinks::SOCIAL_KINDLE), ['title' => 'Send to Kindle']) ?>

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Yii Version: 2.0
License: MIT
Category: User Interface
Created on: Aug 28, 2020
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