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Yii2 Support Ticket System - simple, flexible module for Yii2 advanced template (frontend/backend apps)

The latest version includes following features:

  • very easy, simple and fast (only 3 tables: category, ticket, messages)
  • Tickets has title, category, priority, users email and name, can link user id
  • Module can parse mailbox and automatically add new tickets (or add new messages to ticket)
  • Auto close tickets after 7 days of inactivity (by cron or backend app)
  • Ticket management (in backend app - admin users can use Redactor Widget)
  • Console commands (yii support/ticket/close)
  • ID of ticket are hashed
  • Compact SEO URL rules
  • Module use yii2-queue for background and cron jobs (Sync queue by default, you can use DB, Redis or other)
  • Module can use independent Mailer component, own config (smtp, user, pass)
  • Multi-lingual (en, ru)
  • You can use own style css
  • Can replace real username(login) of Support (configurable)
  • MongoDB

NOTE: Module is in initial development. Anything may change at any time.



Read the Documentation


All installation instructions are located in documentation / Installation.


  • write documentation (configuration, faq)
  • refactoring Mongodb
  • add more languages (cn)
  • more console commands
  • rest controllers for api app
  • view theme (blue, red, green, gray, dark, etc)
  • improve from simple to powerful (customer portal or support center like a pro)
  • RBAC integration (role support manager)
  • tests!!!
  • check ticket status for users
  • assignment other manager
  • attachments (files, documents, images)
  • statistic
  • Multichannel ticketing
  • more notifications (push, telegram, viber, whatsapp, wechat)


If you have any questions or problems with Yii2-ticket-support you can ask them on email akiraz@bk.ru.

Contributing to this project

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.


Yii2-ticket-support is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE.md for details.

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