aayushmhu/yii2-popupbutton Add Popup Where You Want in Your Yii2 App. This Extension is a Combination of Bootstrap4 Button and Bootstrap4 Modal. With th... (see full description)

popupbutton ΒΆ

To Install This Plugin Run

"composer require aayushmhu/yii2-popupbutton dev-main"

For Use This Plugin You Need to Write tHis Code

For Example

// IN View

// For Popup Add Modal
'id' => 'modal',
'size' => 'modal-lg',

echo "";

use \aayushmhu\popupbutton\PopupButton;

echo PopupButton::widget([
    'options' => [
        'class'=>'btn btn-primary popupButton',

In Controller render your pages as Ajax

public function actionPopup(){

    $model = $this->yourmodel();

    return $this->renderAjax('contact', [
        'model' => $model,

value : This is the Url of Rendered Page formid : This is Form if of Your Form if You Used form inside Popup

Note : Class Must be Used "popupButton" Other wise Plugin Not Worked

type: Popuptype Defineed if You use Popup With Diffrent Diffent Type

  1. POPUP_VIEWONLY Popup is Just Render of Any Page
  2. POPUP_WITHFORM This Type of Popup is Used for Form Submmision
  3. POPUP_WITHFORM_SEARCH This Type of Popup is Used for Form Submission With a Search Form and if Pagination is True in Page Then it Will submit Data and PAge Will Stay on Pagination You Just See Form Submit and Page not Refreshed and Data Submitted and Updated

When You Use POPUP_WITHFORM_SEARCH you Must Defined "searchformid" On Page

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Yii Version: 2.0
License: BSD-3-Clause
Category: User Interface
Developed by: aayushmhu
Created on: Jan 25, 2022
Last updated: 2 years ago
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