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Extension Development (beginner)

Created 10 years ago by sefburhan, updated 10 years ago by CeBe.

To extend the functionality of you web application relative to your requirements you are supposed to use existing yii core libraries or use external libraries. There are some steps to ensure security, uniqueness, modularity, performance and to avoid rework in future.

Step 01: Have a Strategy

  • Is my extension just for fun/demonstration purposes or for everyday use in the real world? -...

Popup AJAX DialogBox without any extension

Created 10 years ago by Kostas Apazidis (KonApaz), updated 8 years ago by Maurizio Domba Cerin.

In this wiki I explain how to show a default popup dialogbox (like Gii does) using an existing module.

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Fixing extensions without modifying their code

Created 11 years ago by schmunk, updated 11 years ago by schmunk.

If you're working a lot with extensions you often stumble upon problems, when you want to include them into your custom web application, like hardcoded or absolute path aliases or classes extended from core application components, which implement addiditonal features.

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Creating Yii applications with composer

Created 11 years ago by schmunk, updated 11 years ago by SleepWalker.

When creating web-application projects, you can add a great variety of different extensions, modules, plugins or scripts to your code-base. But maintaining a stable combination and updating certain packages can become a hard task.

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Real Time Logging

Created 13 years ago by lucifurious, updated 13 years ago by lucifurious.

I've seen a lot of people asking about the logging facilities in Yii and thought I'd share a nice little class I wrote that provides near real-time logging.

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Directory independent extensions

Created 13 years ago by GOsha, updated 13 years ago by GOsha.

Many people want to use downloaded extensions in their own way. As for me most of the extensions require me to correct Yii::import() instructions inside their source code. All these extensions are directory dependent. To avoid the situation described above, I suggest to implement pseudo-anonymous aliases:

// take the curr...
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