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Single PHP entry point with Nginx

Created 8 years ago by MadAnd, updated 8 years ago by MadAnd.

In this article I will show you how to slightly increase application security, by exploiting the fact that Yii implements the Front Controller Pattern.

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RBAC Super Simple with Admin and User

Created 9 years ago by evercode, updated 9 years ago by evercode.

One of the common requests I see in the forum is how to implement RBAC. While you can implement Yii 2's built-in RBAC, that might be too much for developers who are just starting with Yii 2 or have simpler needs. Sometimes you are looking for a fast solution and just want two flavors, user and admin. And even if you will eventually need more, you can use these methods as a starting point for devel...

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Handling tabular data loading and validation in Yii 2

Created 9 years ago by Kartik V, updated 8 years ago by Said Bakr.

The only differences in Yii 2 is that its much simpler due to available functions in the Model class for loading and validating models.

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Overcoming removal of client helpers (e.g. ajaxLink) and ClientScript in Yii 2.0

Created 9 years ago by Kartik V, updated 9 years ago by Kartik V.

Alternatively, inline assets (JS/CSS) can be registered at runtime from within the View. For example you can clearly simulate the ajaxLink feature using a inline javascript. Its however recommended if you can merge where possible, client code (JS/CSS) into separate JS/CSS files and loaded through the AssetBundle. Note there is no more need of a CClientScript anymore:

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Activating Bootstrap 3 Tooltips & Popover for your Yii Site.

Created 9 years ago by Kartik V, updated 6 years ago by alrazi.

Step 1: Initialize the Bootstrap Tooltip & Popover plugins in your view layout file @web\views\layouts\main.php. Add this to somewhere in the beginning head section (after you have loaded the Jquery using your AppAsset or something similar).

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How to read HTML5 Multiple File Input from controller?

Created 9 years ago by Kartik V, updated 5 years ago by samdark.
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What to do when composer fails to update your vendor packages?

Created 9 years ago by Kartik V, updated 9 years ago by Kartik V.
  • Running a composer update does not fetch any new packages (even though the source is updated)
  • A specific vendor package never gets updated
  • Facing on and off problems when fetching packages while performing composer update.
  • You ran a composer update earlier, but it was partially done, before you lost network connectivity, and you cannot refresh packages anymore.
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How to learn Yii?!

Created 12 years ago by yJeroen, updated 4 years ago by CeBe.

Here is a step by step To-Do list for Yii beginners. The list is an advice of what tutorials and documentation you can walk through to get a full understanding of the Yii Framework. These can be a help to learn Yii.

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