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Analyse the server's USER-AGENT against browsecap file to determine it's capability.

Created 4 years ago by Deepak Pradhan, updated 4 years ago by Deepak Pradhan.

Does your application need to know user's details on browser details, os and device type? We can use PHP's misc. function to achieve that provided you have an update copy of browsercap.ini

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Nested Set with Yii2

Created 3 months ago by sangprabo, updated 3 months ago by sangprabo.

The nested set behaviour is an approach to store hierarchical data in relational databases. For example, if we have many categories for our product or items. One category can be a "parent" for other categories, means that one category consists of more than one category. The model can be drawn using a "tree" model. There are other approaches available but what we will learn in this article is speci...

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