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UUID instead of an auto-increment integer for ID with Active Record

Created 4 years ago by grigori, updated 3 years ago by samdark.

I have an API. It's built with a RESTful extension over Active Record, and some endpoints provide PUT methods to upload files. By a REST design we create an entity with POST /video first, and then upload a video file with PUT /video/{id}/data.

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When to use Active Record

Created 5 years ago by samdark, updated 3 years ago by samdark.

When to use Active Record is a common question among developers, Yii and overall.

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A universal model attribute for its synthetic representation

Created 7 years ago by Alexandre Rodichevski, updated 7 years ago by Alexandre Rodichevski.

It is convenient to use the same identification attribute, say info, in all of the active records of your application. It should be a virtual read-only attribute defined by a getter method, its label being the model name.

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