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UUID instead of an auto-increment integer for ID with Active Record

Created 4 months ago by grigori, updated 2 months ago by grigori.

bad design of Active Record.

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Version: 2.0
Category: How-tos

Yii2 RESTful API with OAuth 2.0

Created 2 years ago by sirin k, updated a year ago by sirin k.

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Version: 2.0
Category: Tutorials

REST API and null values in XML

Created 3 years ago by marko60, updated 3 years ago by marko60.

I have been working on a REST API using the excellent tools provided by Yii2. My problem was that I have to differentiate between empty values and null values. In other words, <elem></elem> is different from null as it represents an empty string. Also, although some use <elem/> to represent a null value it should still be interpreted as an empty string. In other cases, the absence of the eleme...

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Version: 2.0
Category: Tips
Tags: null, REST, XML