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How to email error logs to developer on Yii2 apps

Created 14 days ago by Gabriel A. López López.

Logging is a very important feature of the application. It let's you know what is happening in every moment. By default, Yii2 basic and advanced application have just a \yii\log\FileTarget target configured.

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Use non Gmail/Gsuite on Gcloud projects

Created 2 years ago by Luis Armando, updated 2 years ago by Maurizio Domba Cerin.

Small companies and startups use cheap email services or even Cpanel's mail services which are less secure and compete directly with bigger email providers like Microsoft with Outlook and Google with Gmail. This creates a problem when you try to use their services to send/receive emails from this cheap services. <img width="750" src="

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Manage Email Template content from database

Created 6 years ago by Ankit Modi, updated 6 years ago by Ankit Modi.

Hi Friends,

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How to send emails using SMTP

Created 6 years ago by robregonm, updated a year ago by Wade Shuler.
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