Configuring PhpStorm IDE for Yii 2

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There are a few settings and plugins that can enhance the development experience with Yii in PHPStorm or IntelliJ IDEA. This article explains how to get the most out of your IDE.

This arcticle is valid for Yii 2 and above, there is an older article for Yii 1.1.

Plugins ΒΆ

  • Yii2 Support adds many useful tools that improve working with Yii. It makes working with class configuration, DI and views easier.

  • Yii2 Inspections is a very useful plugin that adds Yii specific code inspections to PHPStorm. It helps for example to manage @property annotations for getters and setters as well as translation messages.

  • Php Inspections (EA Extended) is not directly Yii related but has a lot of additional code inspections that help you write better code. There is also a payed version that has even more features, especially security related inspections.

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